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What We Offer

Youth Support Program

Prospect Community Services Youth Support program offers a wide range of services to the community of Charters Towers. The Youth Support Program offers 2 service types; access services and support and case management services. 

Access services provide information, advice and referral to services the young person needs (e.g. drug or alcohol, mental health, housing, legal, education, and domestic and family violence services).

Support and case management services provide case management and case coordination, one-on-one support and assistance, including referrals to young people who need additional or specialised help (e.g. working with them to identify goals and strategies for re-engaging with their family and school, entering the workforce, or developing coping mechanisms or parenting skills).

This prevention and early intervention approach looks at the individual needs of the young person and provides access to appropriate supports and services. Service responses then bring together the required support in a collaborative and coordinated way. This partnership approach encourages less duplication and gaps across programs and systems and enables services to be delivered in a more integrated environment.

Who We Support

Mon - Friday

9am to 4pm 

Thursday -

9am to 1pm

Prospect Community Services Youth Support Program is targeted specifically at young people aged 8 to 21 years of age who are at risk of:

  • disconnection from their family/community/support networks

  • disengagement from school, training and/or employment

  • harm, including self-harm

  • homelessness

Youth support services focus on 4 key results, which are to help young people:

  • connect to positive family support

  • get a job or engage in training or education

  • lead a healthy and violence-free life

  • have a safe, stable place to live.

Our Referral Process

For more information please phone

4787 4797 

Prospect Community Services Youth Support Program is a self-referral program. This meaning that anyone can refer a young person. The process is as follows; 

  • Referring person/organisation completes Referral form and emails to 

  • Once the Referral Form is received a member of the Family program will contact the potential client and make a time to meet and discuss the services required. 

The Referral Form can be found here, or you can complete the online referral form.

For more information please read our client information pack

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