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Welcome to Prospect Community Services
Emergency Relief


What We Offer

Emergency Relief Program

Emergency Relief Funding Program is a well- developed and progressive emergency relief program delivered collectively with volunteers from Saint Vincent De Paul, The Salvation Army, Uniting Church, The Baptist Church, and the Family Christian Church. The group contribute to the Financial Wellbeing and Capability Activity outcomes by providing immediate financial or material aid to eligible people in immediate crisis situations for a 24-48 hour period.

Assistance includes, but is not limited to;

  • Food/fuel vouchers,

  • Food parcels,

  • Transport assistance,

  • Pharmacy assistance,

  • Clothing or small household goods,

in addition to information, advice, referrals and advocacy to help resolve underlying problems experienced by the client.

Emergency Relief Funding is available on the following days; 

Tuesday , Thursday and Friday 

Registrations starting at 9am 

10am to 11am 

Who We Support

Mon - Friday

9am to 4pm 

Thursday -

9am to 1pm

Each applicant for Emergency Relief Funding Program will be individually assessed for eligibility based on the following:

  • Type of assistance needed

  • Type of financial / material aid that can be provided

  • What other assistance is available to the person


Please note that a referral for, or presenting for Emergency Relief Funding  does not immediately entitle a client to assistance. This is determined on an individual need’s basis.

Our Referral Process

For more information please phone

4787 4797 

Service users are to present to Prospect Community Services to register by 10am on designated ERF program days. When service users present for emergency relief, eligibility for the program is determined through several methods;

  • ID must be presented,

  • Clients must not have presented for food box/ financial assistance in the last two (2) months (unless under exceptional circumstance),

  • And clients must undergo an intake process with the on-duty service provider.

Intake officers will request the below information:

  • Client Details

  • Partner’s Information

  • Child/Children’s Information

  • Have you registered for ERF before? 

Once the client eligibility has been determined, the client database is checked to verify provided details. Service users will then be taken to a private interview room for intake, where they can provide further information to the team of volunteers, regarding their hardship or financial stress. The intake officer then identifies areas of need, and takes appropriate action to support the service user to the best of the program ability. 

For more information please read our client information pack

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