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Prospect Community Services

Domestic and Family

What We Offer

Domestic & Family Violence Program

Our Domestic and Family Violence Program comprises of namely:

Court Support Service: We provide informed and informative court support to people attending Charters Towers and Hughenden Magistrates Courts for domestic and family violence matters, for the aggrieved. 

This involves:

  • Providing emotional support and advocacy at relevant Magistrates Court sessions (i.e. fortnightly in Charters Towers, quarterly in Hughenden);

  • Providing information, advice and referrals regarding the court process;

  • Assisting in the completion of relevant forms in applying for domestic and family violence orders

  • Assisting with access to appropriate legal representation/support in court if requested; and

  • Advocating to ensure that domestic violence orders granted meet individual needs.

Mobile Outreach Service: This arm affords increased access to accommodation and support services for women in the Charters Towers, Hughenden and outlying communities who are experiencing violence in the home or within the family. It aids in reducing the number of women and children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness due to domestic and family violence as well as women returning to violent relationships due to lack of support.

Notably, our mobile outreach service:

  • Provides specialist case management support, including ongoing risk assessment and safety planning, to address domestic and family violence;

  • Provides high quality, timely crisis responses, including risk assessment, to vulnerable women and children affected by domestic and family violence who are homeless or at risk of homelessness;

  • Assists women  and children to access supported accommodation or sustainable housing where appropriate and safe to do so;

  • Addresses the immediate safety and support needs of women and children, including the facilitation of access to medical attention and other essential support services;

  • Facilitates referral pathways for the safe transition to appropriate temporary supported accommodation, other temporary accommodation or long term housing; and 

  • Supports clients until an appropriate accommodation or housing response has been secured.

Who We Support

Mon - Friday

9am to 4pm 

Thursday -

9am to 1pm

Prospect Community Services Domestic and Family Violence program support; 

  • Women and children experiencing domestic and family violence 

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women and children experiencing domestic and family violence 

Our Referral Process

For more information please phone

4787 4797 

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic and family violence please phone DV Connect on 1800 600 636 or visit DV Connect website here

For more information please read our client information pack

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