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Welcome to Prospect Community Services
Family Support

What We Offer

Family Support Program

Prospect Community Services Family Support program offers a flexible and responsive Family Support program that enables the right services to be delivered to the right people at the right time. 

Prospect Community Services offers a range of practical and personal development services such as; 

  • practical services address a specific need in the family, such as transport to medical appointments, establishing daily routines related to meals or getting to school or respite care

  • personal support and development including information and advice, parenting skills courses, budgeting and household skills development

The Family Support program offers 2 (two) areas of service delivery; Targeted and Vulnerable families with children. 

Targeted Family Support services are secondary services. They are required to

reduce harm or risk of harm to children and young people, prevent crises or problems within families from arising or escalating and stabilise or maintain family wellbeing. These services are required to:

  • improve the wellbeing and safety of children, young people and their families

  • build the capacity of families to care for and protect their children

  • provide linkages to local universal support services/community groups to enable families to access the resources to build their capacity to solve problems and make positive choices and changes

  • prevent entry or re-entry to the statutory child protection system.

Vulnerable families with children are families with children and young people under 18 years, including unborn children, who find themselves in vulnerable situations. Vulnerable families with children are;

  • There is a child/ren unborn to under 18 years of age

  • The family would benefit from access to family support interventions and/or referral to support services

  • The child and family have had previous involvement with, or are at risk of progressing into the statutory child protection system without support

Who We Support

Mon - Friday

9am to 4pm 

Thursday -

9am to 1pm

Family Support program focus on 5 key results, which are to help families:

  • children and young people are reunified with family and community

  • families improve their capacity to meet their children’s care, protection and development needs

  • families are supported to care for their children and young people

  • fewer children and young people in the tertiary system and in out-of-home care

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families have access to support to strengthen their capacity to nurture and care for their children’s wellbeing, reducing the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in the child protection system.

Our Referral Process

For more information please phone

4787 4797 

Prospect Community Services Family Support Program is a self-referral program. This meaning that anyone can refer a young person. The process is as follows; 

  • Referring person/organisation completes a referral form and emails to 

  • Once the referral form is received a member of the Family Support Program will contact the potential client and make a time to meet and discuss the services required. 

The referral form can be found here, or you can complete the online referral form.

For more information please read our client information pack 

Family Support offering cooking classes
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