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Prospect Community Services

Community Housing Program 

What We Offer

Community Housing Program

Community housing is a form of social housing assistance provided by community organisations, and funded by the Queensland Government.

This assistance helps eligible Queenslanders who are both:

Community housing is usually provided by community organisations and local governments.

Community Housing offers;

  • Rent in community housing is affordable and generally based on a percentage of the household’s assessable income.

  • The maximum rent amount is the property’s market rent (i.e. the rent that a household in the private rental market would pay for a similar property in the area). 

  • Community housing tenants may be eligible for rent assistance from the Australian Government. 

  • All tenants:

    • must meet all their obligations under their tenancy agreement

    • will have regular reviews to check their eligibility and ongoing need for housing assistance

    • have the right to request a review of decisions about their tenancy and eligibility

Prospect Community Services Ltd. currently manages a mix of 1, 2, 3- and 4-bedroom units and houses in Charters Towers.  The organisation is part of the One Social Housing System in Queensland, which provides housing assistance for those with the greatest need, for as long as it is needed.

Who We Support

Mon - Friday

9am to 4pm 

Thursday -

9am to 1pm

Community Housing is available to provide housing stability to vulnerable people who are not able to access and sustain housing. you must meet all of the eligibility criteria to receive Community Housing. 

There are 7 eligibility criteria that must be met; 

  1. ​Australian citizenship and residency status 

  2. Queensland residency 

  3. Property 

  4. Liquid assets limit 

  5. Independent income 

  6. Household income 

  7. Wellbeing

For more information please on eligibility criteria please click here 

Our Referral Process

For more information please phone

4787 4797 

In conjunction with the Department of Housing and Public Works, availability of housing is dependent on suitable houses becoming vacant.

The Department of Housing and Public Works and Prospect Community Services Ltd. Service Centre use The One Social Housing List to obtain names for vacancies. 


The Department of Housing and Public Works manage the One Social Housing List and Prospect Community Services Ltd. acts as an agent in Charters Towers to assist clients to complete the appropriate Housing Application to qualify the One Social Housing List.

Applications for Housing to qualify for the One Social Housing List can be obtained:

  1. In person at Prospect Community Services Ltd. Services Centre

  2. By phoning the Department of Housing and Public Works on 4724 8500 or 1800 806 197.  The office is located at Level 2/143 Walker St. Townsville.

Online at

For more information please read our client information pack

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