Prospect is a non-profit organisation that is managed by a Board of enthusiastic, community minded people. The organisation endeavours to collaboratively identify, promote and develop the interests and needs of the Charters Towers community.

Prospect builds the Charters Towers community by encouraging and facilitating complimentary interaction and collaboration of resources, information, skills, expertise and support amongst its members, clients, tenants and service providers. 

Prospect Community Services Ltd. (Prospect) has been successfully developing and delivering programs and services to the Charters Towers community since 1986. Throughout this time, the organisation has experienced considerable growth and attracted appropriate Government funding through submissions and grant allocations to provide assistance to thousands of people in need.  Without the organisation, the community would have suffered and would not have experienced the economic growth and enrichment it enjoys today.    Prospect’s work is estimated to inject over $5m of economic benefit to the region through the flow-on impact of its operations. 

The organisation is a well-established community service provider with an excellent reputation for high quality service delivery, a strong commitment to collaboration, community connection and engagement and a vocal advocate to rural service providers.  


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