Domestic and Family Violence Exhibition

Prospect Community Services Ltd. is proud present an exhibition for Domestic and Family Violence throughout the entire month of May 2019.

The exhibition is appropriately named Behind Closed Doors. It is a first of its kind in the region and is based on a woman’s life lived through domestic and family violence.

The Exhibition includes vigils for all women and children whose lives have been taken since 01 January 2019. Sites consist of a chosen scene to represent everyday living events in honour of what was, what should be, and what is now no longer. 

In addition to the vigils there is a separate section that represents the heart of the home, the Dining Room. Framed photographs on the walls surrounding the table feature thought-provoking messages echoing common parochial, insular attitudes towards domestic and family violence. A media section with seating is provided for audience members to comfortably watch an audio-visual display featuring everyday people from all walks of life expressing opinions, beliefs or statements about domestic and family violence. We have also received permission from Betty Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of the Red Rose Foundation, to include their Deadly Romance video.

Behind Closed Doors will take place for the whole of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May 2019. It will be open to the public Monday to Friday starting 03 May 2019 from 9am to 11am, then again from 3pm to 4pm each weekday.

Behind Closed Doors officially opened on the 02 May 2019 with a Gala event. This event was a success with such feedback as;

  • “This type of awareness is exactly what the community needs”; and
  • “Even though I knew this was happening, it actually made it so powerful. It was the message that I needed to see to fuel my passion to make a change”

46 people attended this event, comprising a mix of community members and Prospect Directors and staff.

Unidentifiable visitor statistics are taken on entry to the exhibition (e.g. by age group, gender, ethnicity) in line with our funding obligations around this event. . 

For further information or clarification, please contact Prospect Community Services on 07 4787 4797. 

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