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 The Art of Participatory Community Building

“How can we come together and connect more deeply as a community"

 We know that Charters Towers is a great place to live, work and play; we have great leaders, visionaries and game-changers who are able to look outside the box and find unique and innovative ways of approaching local issues and supporting others.

Prospect Community Services invites you to join us for a 3-day residential community training event here in Charters Towers where together we will discover, “how can we come together and connect more deeply as a community”

A unique training for a unique place!

The 3 day Art of Participatory Community Building training offers a bespoke framework underpinned by asset based community development (ABCD) and participatory leadership practices, patterns and processes in a community design thinking framework. These approaches have been used effectively in community, business, government and non-government contexts worldwide to enable the inclusion and connection of diverse perspectives for deeper outcomes.

More than just a training opportunity… & you don’t have to travel to the city!

This 3 day residential training is much more than your traditional training and best of all it’s happening right here in Charters Towers.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to:

Come together to strengthen and grow our networks

Share stories of success and challenge

Teach and learn from each other using participatory methods

Explore how we can build stronger collaboration across our communities

Celebrate our unique, local approach to innovation

Discover new ways of working

This is an opportunity to learn new ways of working to co-create a ripple effect of action into our communities and we need your voice!

We understand that not all participants will be able to stay overnight, however we offer this accommodated service to enrich the networking experience for those traveling from outreaching areas. Your residential participation is encouraged and covered in the registration cost.

Where:Blackheath and Thornburgh College 55 - 59 King St Charters Towers QLD 4820

When:Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th October

Cost:$60.00 per person

How to register: Register online at

Your Training Team: international trainers, Denise Bijoux (NZ), Dee Brooks (Aus) and Michelle Dunscombe (Aus) in partnership with local practitioners Melanie Adams, Tamika Mihill and Shane Weedon from Prospect Community Services

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