2018 Country Music Parade

 Click here to download a Country Music Parade Registration Form

  • Entry forms need to be returned to Prospect Community Services.
  • All floats in the procession are to be clearly marked with their entry number on the front left windscreen of vehicle.
  • Entry numbers for your float will be available for collection from Prospect Community Services from Wednesday 2nd May or will be available from 4:30pm at the information table at the park opposite the Fire Station on Friday 4th May, 2018.
  • All floats to assemble at the Fire Station by 5:00pm and report to the Parade Marshall – ready for a 5:30pm start.
  • Vehicles are not to travel in excess of 4kph.
  • Vehicles are to drive (as far as practicable) in the centre of the roadway.
  • Persons riding in or on vehicles are not to throw confectionary, promotional items or other gratuities onto the roadway or into the spectator crowd during the course of the procession.
  • Persons walking in the procession may however distribute confectionary, promotional items or other gratuities to spectators provided that they do so from within 1 metre of the footpath.
  • No person may sit on the bonnet of any vehicle – Prince and Princess entrants may sit on the back of a ute.
  • Participants are to be responsible for the first-aid of the people under their parade registration.
  • Animals are not permitted in the parade.
  • All police instructions are to be strictly complied with.
  • The procession will finish in Mosman Street as per 2017 Parade  –– please note that this area is to be used for those persons riding on the float to safely alight – FLOATS MUST THEN PROCEED OUT OF THIS SAFE ZONE -  FLOATS CANNOT BE DISMANTLED IN THIS AREA.
  • It is against the law for persons to ride on the float to and from the procession route.
  • Participation in this event is voluntary and all participants should be aware that they do so at their own risk.
2018 Country Music Parade

Country Music Street Parade Nomination 2018