Vision & Values

Guiding Principles

Prospect Community Services Ltd. is committed to achieving its vision and mission by advancing an effective and efficient operating environment and instilling a culture of continuous improvement.   Prospect’s principles of operation guide team and individual behaviour, unify the organisation and common expectations and focus staff and Board energy around excellence, service and high quality outcomes for stakeholders. 


To be a strong organisation known for leadership in community services and innovation. 

Vision for the People we work with:

Everyone has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential. 

Purpose Statement:

To engage with people and community, providing support, building capacity and relationships to create lasting solutions. 

Values Statement:

Prospect Community Services Ltd. values represent what the organisation believes in, what they stand for, how they approach everything they do and how they will be measured.

Person-Centred – Prospect is a person-centred organisation with people at its heart – both the people it serves and the people it employs.  

Resilient – Prospect is a resilient organisation that has the ability to adapt and respond to changing environments and short and long term challenges with integrity and flexibility.

Opportunity focused – Prospect is committed to providing opportunities for the people it serves, the people it employs and its stakeholders to achieve their fullest potential.

Service Oriented – Prospect consistently meets and manages stakeholder expectations in a manner that combines professional service excellence with outstanding personal service which delivers results

Professional – Prospect is a professional organisation committed to the highest level of integrity and accountability in every aspect of its business.

Empowering and Respectful – Prospect  is committed to working in partnership with the people it serves, treating them with respect, encouraging them to actively participate in decision-making and pursuing person-centred goals.   The organisation promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.

Community Focused – Prospect is a community focused organisation, ensuring that both the people supported and the organisation contributes to, and feels part of the local community.

Transparent – Prospect is committed to acting with honesty, integrity and transparency in all their dealings.   

Vision & Values

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